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Public Transportation Accidents

Determining Liability

Each day, thousands of people across the state of Ohio rely on public transportation to help them get to and from their jobs, recreational activities, and other locations when running errands. While the transportation system does offer numerous benefits and convenience, many vehicles are not fully equipped with proper safety restraints to protect passengers in case of an accident.

After an accident, it is in your best interest to immediately contact an attorney who can help you obtain the best possible resolution to your situation. At my firm, King Law Offices, I am not afraid to pursue compensation and ensure that the wrongful party or parties are held liable for their actions.

Why choose an Ohio personal injury attorney?

When you choose to work with an Ohio personal injury lawyer, you can be confident that your attorney is taking the necessary steps to obtain the recovery that you deserve. Whether you were injured on a train, bus, taxi cab, or any other form of public transportation, I may be able to help. These companies often have big insurance providers and attorneys on their side to help protect their own assets in the event of an accident; and in most cases, they are not looking out for the victim's best interests. After an injury-causing accident, my firm can aggressively pursue compensation, protect your rights, and ensure that the responsible individuals are held accountable.

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Time may be of the essence after an accident, and you must ensure that your claim is filed before the Ohio statute of limitations expires for your case. As soon as possible after an accident, you need to contact King Law Offices. When you work with my office, I will diligently pursue the best possible resolution to your case and provide you with up-to-date information throughout the course of the legal proceedings.

I will make sure that you receive the medical attention that you deserve and the compensation needed to help pay for you injuries, emotional trauma, and damages that you incurred. For more information about how King Law Offices can help you, contact my firm and schedule a consultation as soon as possible.